The Origin




GinT: a story with an accent from Trás-Os-Montes and Azores 


The passion for Gin has brought us together to rise up a product that reflects our roots from Trás-Os-Montes and Azores. One day, at home, during a dinner with friends, I told them: "I'm going to make a Gin!" 







I imagine that create a Gin was like writing a book our painting a picture. GinT started with a book that inspired me and led me to buy many others of several themes: botany, distillation, equipment, chemistry, distilates and some much more. Searching, have experiences and tasting a lot. 






GinT's story have been written by two friends, passionate by Gin. It's a story that has in essence my childhood, precious moments for which I'm transported immediatly when I feel the smell of Fig Tree Bark. And this flavor is the main flavor of GinT, produced and distilled by me. 

Perfect Serve 






Rute brought the touch of the new generation Gins that in a blink of an eye had fascinated me by their subtle differences and ways of serving. They are still a mystery of irrestible flavors to me. It's a daily discovery process to provide a stunning experience to those who enjoy Gin. 

Be Bold,

Go Strong! 






We knew that we want a traditional dry Gin, but not only another one. It must to be the one connected with our journey and narrowly linked with our discover journey and strongly connect with us. Thus rise up GinT, a "One Shot" London Dry Gin based on alcohol cereal. It was missing the final touch for that our Gin could be truly different and surprising: "Be Bold, Go Strong!" 

Tiago e Rute