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GinT's perfect recipe is a dose of passion for 4 doses of madness. GinT rise up from the adventure of two crazy and passionate people for Gin. We gather family, friends and fun. Join us on this thrilled trip! Enjoy it at home, a bar or a party with family and friends. Because every reason is good to celebrate. The party starts here! 

To our fans and ambassadors: "Use it as a coffer of memories ... drink to remember, not to forget!"

To bartenders who do magic with GinT: Be a dream craftsman, there is no "perfect serve" beyond what is perfect for the person in front of you!

GinT Rubro 

58% ABV | 116 US Proof | 101.5 UK Proof

London Dry Gin – One Shot

Gin is our passion and we want to make it a way of life, so we created the GinT Rubro, the Portuguese Gin Brand with an unmistakable aroma of fig bark. 

We can't remember how many Gin we've tasted and now, looking back, it's extraordinary to see ow our tastes evolved with every cocktail we've had. 

And now? We decided to challenge you to have as much fun as we did on our journey and we created something unique and distinct. 

We now present GinT Rubro - The strongest Portuguese Gin!